Tourist Activities in Lisbon: What to Do

Lisbon is a very well organized city in what concerns public transportation and tourist orientation signals, and it's not very hard to find your way. Also the majority of the young population can speak English, so it won't be very difficult if you need to ask for directions.

Red Tour services

If you're in a mood for a different way to explore Lisbon I recommend you check out some of the services operated by Red Tour. They promise a genuine experience with carefully selected must see places and insights you won’t typically see on tourist circuits, such as popular local favourites:

Segway Tours in Lisbon

See the historical spots of Lisbon on a Segway and step back in time. Discover Lisbon's ancient historical soul. Alfama still retains features from its medieval Moorish past, with narrow and labyrinth like streets, steps and arcades. Some of the tour highlights: The Cathedral (Lisbon's oldest building), The National Pantheon (The domed church that took many years to complete), Pois Café (one of many locals favourite spots), Casa dos Bicos (A 16th century architectural curiosity), Saint Estevão's Viewing Point (great views of Alfama) among others.

Electric Buggy Tours in Lisbon

You just have to follow the talking GPS audio guide's directions and enjoy your chosen tour. The car will show you the way and tell you everything about historical Lisbon. The tours are self guided, which means you have the freedom to drive the vehicle at your own pace, but a driver can also be arranged if requested in advance.

GoCar Tours services

Another option is GoCar Tours, their services are very similar with the exception they don't offer alternatives to the electric cars. I recommend you check out both services and their prices on their websites and decide which service meets your requirements the best.