Lisbon Neighbourhoods

The essence of Lisbon lives in the neighbourhoods: Which neighborhoods to visit? In general, it's recommended to know the neighbourhoods and areas around the historic center — which concentrates most of the points of interest of the Municipality of Lisbon — their viewing points, typical restaurants (like the Fado houses) and monuments.

The City of the Seven Hills

The "City of the 7 Hills" is divided into several zones. Although in legal and administrative terms the city is divided in parishes, neighbourhoods are informal divisions that everyone uses and whose form of identification is more functional.

According to Lisbon City Hall, the historic center of Lisbon is the entire area bounded: West, by Lapa and Campo de Ourique; North, by the Restauradores Square and Avenida da Liberdade; East, by Graça and Penha de França; and the South, by the Tagus River.

Map of Lisbon Neighbourhoods

Lisbon neighbourhoods